JLC Policy Initiatives for 2020

State Legislative Goals

Legislation will be introduced in the 2020 Legislative Session of the Virginia General Assembly to accomplish the following objectives which were adopted by the Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (JLC) in October 2018. These are the top legislative priorities of the 25 Veterans Service Organizations represented on the JLC as of the October 2019 meeting in priority order:

JLC 2020-01- 2nd Resolution – Personal Property Tax Exemption
JLC 2020-02- Counting Military Absentee Ballots After Election Day
JLC 2020-03 - Income Tax Subtraction for Certain Low-Income 100% Disabled Veterans
JLC 2020-04 - Virginia National Guard Emergency Response Pay
JLC 2020-05 - Tax Credits for Employers who Hire VNG and Reserves
JLC 2020-06 - Microloans for Veterans Program (MVP)

For 2020, the JLC voted to show support for four issues via letters of support rather than inclusion in the formal list of policy initiatives. For more information and copies of each initiative's position paper and the letters of support, click here