Virginia Council of Chapters Military Officers Association of America NEEDS YOUR VOICE

Being a part of the process is important. Whether you have a question, care to volunteer some time, or want to donate to the campaign, your participation is welcome and greatly appreciated.

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Contact the office at or feel free to send an email:


Virginia Council of Chapters Military Officers Association of America


601 Brasilia Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153


The Virginia Council of Chapters meets quarterly - usually in JANUARY, APRIL, JULY & OCTOBER.  In recent years, meetings have been held at the Virginia War Memorial until construction began in 2018 on the expansion project. In 2018, meetings were moved to the Department of Virginia American Legion in Richmond, considered a centralized location. In 2019, VCOC meetings were held again at this American Legion site. For 2020, the first three meetings will be at the American Legion, with the  final meeting being at Patriots Colony. Quarterly VCOC meetings are generally held from 10 AM to 2:30 or 3 PM.  Once every two years the VCOC holds an expanded biennial luncheon meeting with officers elected sworn-in at the end of the meeting.  

WHO ATTENDS?  VCOC elected and appointed officers,  Chapter Presidents and/or Chapter VCOC Reps, Guest Speakers,  Chapter Legislative Reps and other chapter leaders who may be interested, including Chapter Auxiliary Liaisons and Chapter Public Affairs Officers & Chapter Membership Chairs. 

LEGISLATIVE BREAK-OUT SESSION.  As needed, meetings may include a a portion of time for Legislative Reps from each chapter to meet, then the chairman briefs the rest of the council on results of their session.  

VCOC Schedule, accessible from Home page, lists other VCOC dates, including the storming of  Richmond and DC Congressional Appreciation Luncheon.  See State and National Legislative Sections for particulars about the legislative events.